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Player List

1cadRYAN OLDEMelfort 222 MastersOUT
2cadCURT ADAIRMelfort 222 MastersIN
3cadDANE ROYMelfort 222 MastersOUT
4cadCHRIS ANDERSONMelfort 222 MastersOUT
5cadJORDIE GAGNONMelfort 222 MastersOUT
6cadTrevor McCabeAlberta Masters PiratesP
7cadSHAWN COLBORNMelfort 222 MastersOUT
8cadEvan TaylorAlberta Masters Pirates2B, OF
9cadRichard WrightAlberta Masters Pirates3B
10cadRichard ClarkeAlberta Masters Pirates1B, 3B
11cadPaul HickeyAlberta Masters Pirates1B, C, DH, Utility
12cadTONY SPARVIERMelfort 222 MastersPitcher
13cadNorm BassettAlberta Masters PiratesOF
14cadCory KinnonAlberta Masters PiratesOF
15cadTREVOR ETHIERMelfort 222 MastersPitcher
16cadBRAD BIBBYMelfort 222 MastersOUT
17cadBryan GrahamAlberta Masters PiratesP
18cadRollie GladueAlberta Masters PiratesSS
19cadTrent DombrovaAlberta Masters PiratesDR, OF
20cadAL MUHLEMelfort 222 MastersPitcher
21cadPaul RobbAlberta Masters PiratesOF
22cadMarc PothierAlberta Masters PiratesOF
23cadRICK RUZESKYMelfort 222 MastersIN
24cadChakalisa TshambaniAlberta Masters PiratesP
25cadScott HartleyAlberta Masters PiratesC
26cadFrank CoxAlberta Masters PiratesP
27cadDean SmithAlberta Masters Pirates3B, OF
28cadRobbie Greene – IMPAlberta Masters PiratesP
29cadCOLLIN SCHAANMelfort 222 MastersIN, OUT
30cadPAT MACKINTOSHMelfort 222 MastersIN
31cadJason ReinhartAlberta Masters PiratesOF
32cadDarren SandboeAlberta Masters Pirates1B
33cadRYAN RAYMelfort 222 MastersCatcher
34cadKEITH MACKINTOSHMelfort 222 MastersIN
35cadKARL RAYMelfort 222 MastersIN
36cadDEAN HOLOIENMelfort 222 MastersPitcher
37cadCHRIS TEICHREBMelfort 222 MastersPitcher
38cadJames DunphyAlberta Masters Pirates1B, 2B, DH